Saturday, June 28, 2014

Beating Red Sox a "Confidence Boost" For Nuno

Since May 7's 9-2 blowout in Anaheim, Yankees Pitcher Vidal Nuno has struggled to get wins.

The 26-year-old rookie, who joined the rotation in early May after Ivan Nova went down, only got through 5 innings without giving up 3+ earned runs once between the aforementioned date and last night's game against the Red Sox, making his recent 5.2 frame performance big for both him and the staff.

As expected, the series-opening W could also help out Nuno on a psychological level, something the youngster revealed to's Wallace Matthews after the victory. 

"Every day has been tough lately, just knowing that my command wasn't there," Nuno said. "It's been a grind. But I've been working on it. Pretty much it's a confidence booster tonight to show that I can still belong here and attack these guys with my stuff. I can win games."

Prior to the contest, some called for Nuno to be given the night off, as the Bombers didn't play Thursday. 

Fortunetaly, team Manager Joe Girardi didn't abide with those people's wishes, a decision that could turn out to be huge in how the month plays out, as the Pinstripes will now get to save Masahiro Tanaka for their July 3 opener in Minnesota.


  1. Just how dumb is Joe G? Didn't he know it would give Tanaka a chance to win 20 games in his first year? Of course, he may have been thinking he may be in bad shape by the time the play-offs come around. Even a pitcher that has been around for years needs rest sometime.
    So, I give Co-dos to Joe G. for thinking of the big 162+ year and not today (yesterday).
    Nuno did very well, heck, better than CC would have done...maybe!

    1. Tanaka looked tired last time out, and his fastball velocity agreed with it, and looked even more tired late in this game. I want Tanaka out there 70 times a year if I could but I have to agree with Girardi, this once anyway. If this were his second year in the states, sure. We don't exactly know what will happen with Tanaka in August and September and I'd like to make sure he will be fresh and effective.

    2. I must be honest here...I was watching the game with my neighborer and called the shot in the ninth. He was getting the fastball up and when I saw him shake off McCann I knew he was coming with the fastball again and jumped up yelling NO, no, late!
      Ones' ego, can get in the way of ones' common sence!

    3. A fastball wasn't a bad pitch, he missed his spot. He said he missed his spot, McCann said he missed his spot.

    4. They were both right but, the bottom line is; for two innings he had been having trouble getting the fastball down and where he wanted to put it.
      So, my question still is; why the fast ball, when one can't control the thing?
      If he had not been tired, he may not have been so high with the ball and had gotten it inside and over!


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