Saturday, June 14, 2014

Phelps: Last Night's Start "One of the Best of My Career"

For David Phelps, the 2014 season has been one of ups-and-downs.

The third-year right-hander, 2-4 with a 4.32 ERA, began the year as a long reliever, doing a solid job before moving to the rotation due to injuries.

Since then, Phelps hasn't been the slightest bit consistent, tossing solid games against the Angels, Pirates, and White Sox along with bad ones against the Cardinals, Mariners, and Royals.

Still, the second-most experienced Yankees' starter did dominate last night in Oakland, calling the scoreless outing "one of the best of his career."

“This was definitely one of the best starts of my career,’’ Phelps told the New York Post after shutting out the A's for 6.2 innings. “I was attacking guys. I was excited. I talked with a couple [teammates] today and my goal was first pitch strikes and leadoff outs. You saw what Chase did [Thursday]. He threw 24-of-29 first-pitch strikes. That’s amazing, that’s what we strive to do.’’

In the contest, #41 allowed just 2 hits, helping the Yanks win 7-0.

While all of that is good, you still have to wonder how much it actually means for Phelps, whose next chance will come against the division-leading Blue Jays Thursday.

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