Saturday, June 14, 2014

Complete List Of Yankees Draft Picks Signed To Date

The New York Yankees have signed nine of their draft picks and three undrafted free agents and instead of searching high and far for the complete list I figured I would bring it to you right here. You're welcome.

The Yankees have signed C Colin Slaybaugh, RHP Matthew Borens, 1B Bo Thompson, RHP Joe Harvey, OF Griffin Gordon, 3B Ty McFarland, RHP Matt Wotherspoon, 2B Ryan Lindemuth, RHP Andre Del Bosque, and OF Devyn Bolasky.

The three undrafted free agents are Travis Hissong, Jake Hernandez, and Matt Marsh. They were all undrafted for a reason obviously but Hissong is the best of the bunch in my opinion and he dropped due to a hamstring injury and not because he simply wasn't good enough.

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