Saturday, June 14, 2014

Yankees Sign Jacob Lindgren

It's official the New York Yankees have signed second round pick, and their first pick overall, Jacob Lindgren out of Mississippi State. Lindgren was drafted 55th overall and signed for a full slot deal worth $1,018,700. Lindgren is headed to Charleston to join the Riverdogs to start his professional career.

Lindgren may make the majors by September depending on how much the Yankees want to push him and this should be a fun one to watch.


  1. Hey Daniel, any thoughts on last night's game? Noticed the Yankees didn't get swept...

  2. I have no thoughts because I think I am bad luck. I hadn't watched any of the victories and turned it on last night just in time to see the A's score two runs. When the A's scored 5 I turned it off.


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