Tuesday, August 12, 2014

8/12 Yankees Game Preview vs. Baltimore Orioles

The New York Yankees and the Baltimore Orioles will play in the second game of their three game set at Oriole Park in Camden Yards this week. The Yankees will send Shane Greene to the mound looking to build on his good start last time out and will face off with the Orioles Wei-Yin Chen. The game will be played at 7:05 pm ET and can be seen on MY9, MLB TV, and can be heard on the radio with John Sterling and Suzyn Waldman on WFAN.

Greene is coming off a start in which he went into the ninth inning against the high powered Detroit Tigers offense. Greene shutout the Tigers through eight plus innings and gave way to David Robertson after giving off a lead off single to start the game. Greene had a great pitching performance to out duel MLB wins leader Rick Porcello.

Gonzalez beat the Toronto Blue Jays last time out throwing six innings and allowing four hits and one run in the victory. Gonzalez struck out four and walked two and only allowed a solo home run for his only blemish. This is not a great sign for the Yankees as they tend to have issues when facing Gonzalez anyway.

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Go Yankees!!


  1. A Rant if I may; Those criticizing Cashman might want to think it ALL the way through!
    The first thing one learns in the Army is...TAKING ORDERS, long before one learns how to give orders. Cashman gets a "Somewhat" bad rap, for many things he has had to do, some well deserved!
    One must remember, when he finally got out from under George and given control of the daily operations he still had a boss, in Tampa...Randy, V.P. Baseball Operations.
    Then a year later he is sick and turns things over two his kids, a horse trainer and an Accountant. Randy and Hal are two of the same Accountants running a baseball team. It was always about the money, bottom line, profit etc.! It was the same this year, here Cashman you have this amount of money, get us to the WS.
    On the way to destruction, someone must have held their breath until blue in the face, to make the Cabal change their minds about the money...albeit to damn late. They had a fair shot at a few Cuban players and didn't make an offer that was even close to getting them, most of them were not even seen by the scouts.

    Thus...for all of you that want Cashman gone, he will be, but not because they don't want him, because he has had it with this dog and pony show.
    Business news is good reading! And the innuendos are there to be deciphered!

    I think Cashman stays until fired. Reason one, his children from a broken marriage live
    in Connecticut. As he does.
    He also makes a tall salary. And, he has been around so long with the Yanks, that the
    power play game rules come easy to him.

    Yankee mgmt likes him, and without the bad luck, he is good at what he does.

  3. Not that I don't agree with you Ken, because I do, but you say things like Cashman was given X amount of dollars and told to go get a World Series.... how is that any different then the 29 other general managers in baseball? Even the Los Angeles Dodgers seemingly have a limit to their spending but they are still winning. Cashman may not have 100% power and he should, we're on the same page here, but Cashman has had this team LONG enough to have the pieces in the farm system to either trade or call up to make it happen. I don't wanna see the guy fired but I wouldn't exactly be upset if he walked this winter either.

  4. True, I am by no means giving Cashman a free pass. But he has had one hell of a job trying to do things and being told, "NO, this guy is less expensive get him!" Or just going over his head and signing players that Cashman doesn't want...our 3rd baseman the 2nd time, and Tex are just the latest ones.
    I think he will pass on signing a new contract, if offered.

  5. Cashman wanted Teix. The last couple guys that Cashman had no say in (that we know about) were Ichiro and Rafael Soriano.

    1. You are right about Tex but, Cashman wanted a shorter contract if, I remember correctly. I could be wrong about that, so I ask; does anyone know for sure?

    2. I don't remember ever reading that, not that it didn't happen.


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