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The Daily Dozen - August 5, 2014

The Daily Dozen - August 5th, 2014 Edition
(Twelve Takeaways from LAST Night's Game--since I was tired and wanted to go to bed)

1. Going into this series I predicted Detroit would take 3 of 4 from the Yankees.  If you ever get the chance to check out our Mega Prediction so...sometimes it can be downright amusing.  I predicted the Yankees would only win the game started by Justin Verlander, which shows just how great their pitching staff really is.  Don't get me wrong, I WANT the Yankees to win every game...but that isn't likely...and if I have to predict them losing every game to have them win, then I will gladly come in last place in the Prediction Game.
I hope this doesn't end up true...

2. Both McCann and Prado hit solo home runs last night.  Man, Martin Prado is already paying dividends isn't he?  He also added his first double as a Yankee in the game.

3. David Price vs. Hiroki Kuroda has the making of a playoff matchup.  Game 7 even.  Both pitchers went deep into the game and did what they were supposed to giving their team a chance to win.  You know, what you would expect during a Playoff Game.  The Yankees are effectively in a playoff situation every night.  Neither got the win, but Price pitched 8-2/3 in his Tiger debut with 10 Ks.

4. Brendan Ryan bobbled a catch in the top of the 5th.  And then he promptly turned it into a barehanded catch.  Good job by Ryan, but then again...I think both Roberts and Drew would have made the play without the bobble.  Kinsler would have made mincemeat of it.
Oops... (Photo Credit: and YES Network)

5. Miguel Cabrera has been virtually silent this series.  That doesn't bode well for the last 2 games, because he is the offensive juggernaut to end all juggernauts.  He's 1 for 8 so far with 3 strikeouts and 0 RBI.  Victor Martinez on the other hand is 4 for 8 but has only 1 RBI...and that was in last night's game.

6. I said virtually because Derek Jeter STOLE a hit from Cabrera last night.  Check out this video if you dare! Oh wait...the video I wanted to load isn't available in this'll just have to imagine Jeter jumping up and to his right snagging a sure-fire line drive single or double from Miggy.

7. So the Tigers have a guy named Andrew Romine.  He hit a solo home run last night.  You guessed it, he's the older brother of Yankees prospect Austin Romine.  It would have been cool to see them play against each other, but then McCann wouldn't have had his home run. Austin (Photo Credits to

8. Apparently the Yankees are back to not being able to score after the 5th inning.  It's frustrating and downright shameful to be honest.  How can a team with so much talent...a virtual All-Star lineup be void of late game heroics? Oy vey...

9. Dellin Betance continues his dominance.  He added 2 more Ks in the 8th inning and of course didn't pitch in the 9th.  Way to go Binder!  Should have been a 2 inning performance for him to give the Yankees the best chance of winning.

10. Chase Headley's defense in the 9th inning.  He saved the ballgame, at least until they lost it in the 12th.  Does anyone miss A-Rod? No? Honestly...I do, but Mr. Headley has proven that he can be a force to be reckoned with both defensively and offensively.  So he can stay....for now.

11. I had flashbacks to a playoff game in Northeast Ohio when Joba stepped onto the mound.  But this time there were no Mayflies and Joba had a beard.  Oh...and of course he plunked the Captain.  Jerk!  I was at that playoff game versus the Indians...and it sucked!
Shoo fly!

12. The Yankees have now played 16 straight games that were decided by 2 runs or less.  This explains why I have had such persistent heartburn the last few weeks.  No...for real.


  1. BRYAN KNEPPER....nice job on the...' Daily Dozen '. You hit all the nails on the head.
    What do you think about Rusney Castillo.....the Cespedes clone ? He may be !
    Should we put out the ocean dragger net for him ?.....your thoughts.

  2. WHAT...should I make of the MLB report that someone has claimed ( revocable ) Hamels,
    and Byrd. So much salary with Hamels. And the useable young trade chips. A gamble.
    Word on the NYC media front....the Yankees are thinking of bringing up Webb, and the number one
    pick this year. ( Sorry, mental block time. .....starts with an ' L ' )

  3. I will push for this Rusney Castillo signing, until it is done.

    It makes too much sense, and too many teams are bringing him in for private workouts.
    Send Mariano, Reggie, or some non-Irish person out to greet him. Pull out all stops.

    What are those other teams seeing ? You already know what the Yanks have missed out on.
    My candles, are at the ready. And, not the ones from China, or some third world hell hole.

  4. 2014. Great win tonight.
    Let's see if you can put together a 8 out of 10....or, a roll of some sort.

    1. Hi Patrick, am I right or wrong? most call for pitching, I keep calling for bats!
      The pitching has been better than we could have hoped for, with Pineda and Tanaka on their way back...I still say we need a big bat!
      Rusney Castillo is a bat we could use but with his age (27), I don't see it happening! The reason I say that is because he will want a 8 or 10 year contract putting him at 35/37. Right now he should be in his prime years to 35+/- but a couple of workouts are not games.
      In other-words, as much as I want a big bat...he may or may not be the answer for us.

    2. I think we need both. While Capuano and McCarthy have been great they are playing WELL over their head. They will regress a little.

    3. True Daniel but, they are both ground-ball pitchers which helps a lot. Are they Pineda or Tanaka,,,no why at all. They are here and getting the job done, that's all I ask...a couple more weeks +/-!

    4. I and Patrick both want Rusney, alone with you but will they pull the trigger on a guy that has never played in the competition of the Big Show? Give him a 8 or 10 year contract? I could see a 6 or 8 year deal, IF his arm is not bad! An avg., arm would be ok or, ask Brett to move to right field (which he would do). We have had players with avg., arms in right field before, change his mechanics a bit and maybe it would be ok because his bat (If true) would carry him...AND WE DO NEED A BIG BAT!
      Again I say, we don't know as much about him as was known about the other Cubans!
      We don't want another knee jerk reaction and have him end up being another Kie!

  5. Ken Reed = Old Wash Women....What is wrong with you ?
    I will try to clear up your comment, it is full of hand wringing. Old women did that kind of stuff.

    a ) They ( MLB ) are giving these guys 4-5 year deals. Not 8- 10 year contracts.

    b ) If need be, Gardner will be moved to right. Will he Will he get over it...yes.

    c ) Yes, the Yankees could use a big bat....that may happen. But, Castillo, with the other two
    guys give the Yankees a dynamic outfield. More hand wringing ?

    d ) As far as I can tell, you know as much about him, as the other Cubans. The first three
    are communists, and All Stars. Why should Rusney be any different ?

    You bring up Kie Igawa....more hand wringing ! Stop !

    1. Patrick...
      Young Irishman...
      I have already been chastised once, do I need it again?
      I was putting forth the thinking, as I see it with the Yankees Tampa Cabal, going on the (Wrong assumption) he would demand an 8 or 10 year contract
      I already said Brett would move to right field once, even though he doesn't have a right field arm either!
      I also said I want him on the team many days ago.
      I also said, he has no real record that we have seen in Cuban Pro baseball that would point to him being as good as those mentioned (unless you have seen some). Work-outs are not real game situations.
      I brought up Kie because of the mentality that is in the Tampa Cabal, ...Kie, once burned, Hideki Irabu twice stupid! Tanaka is the 1st player from Japan they have really gone after!
      Not hand wringing, just my opinion of the state of the front office mentality...not much!
      Enough said!

  6. WHAT I DISLIKE MOST...are fakes, frauds, pretenders, and liars.
    Most people will go along with that.
    What say you....Heriberto Rivas ? or whatever.

  7. KEN....ROCKET MAN....REED :
    I'm sorry I referred to you as a ...' old wash women, and a hand wringer '.
    I must be ignorant Irish.

  8. A NOT SO DUMB QUESTION, after I just apologized to a son, from ' Hell's Kitchen '.

    Today, Rusney Castillo ( the next Cespedes ) worked out for the Yankees brain trust,
    in Florida, somewhere.
    So, what happened ? A case of a date mix-up ?

  9. And tonight I learn this, from Jeff Levin :

    THIS JUST IN...from Lenox Hill Hospital...upon placing stitches ( 3 ) on
    Mark Teixeira finger, Dr. Goldblatt discovers that Teixeira, now has a vagina.
    Stay the DL next ?

  10. Daniel, Patrick.....From the New York post;
    "White Sox first baseman Jose Abreu (six years, $68 million) was underpaid compared with his rookie season production (.303; 31 home runs; 86 RBIs heading into Friday), Castillo can top what Abreu got. Others don’t believe Castillo is in the class of Yoenis Cespedes (four years, $36 million) and Yasiel Puig (seven years, $42 million).

    Other recent contracts given to Cuban defectors are the five years and $15.5 million given to Leonys Martin by the Rangers and the nine-year, $30 million deal Jorge Soler got from the Cubs.

    “This guy could get $35 million to $50 million because of what Abreu, Cespedes and Puig have done,’’ said a person who has seen Castillo work out. “But eventually somebody is going to be wrong about one of these guys.’’

    1. Jose Abreu is a major power threat at a premium position at first base. He was also 26 when he signed the contract.

      Today Yasiel Puig is 23 years old... hence the long contract. Cespedes is 28, hence the smaller contract.

      Martin is 26 and only got a five year deal. Soler got a nine year deal because even after two or three years of the contract he's only 22.

      Castillo is 27 years old, doesn't seemingly have the power that Abreu or others have, and is going to be a corner outfielder in the majors. MAX he gets is a six year deal, more than likely a four or five year deal.

  11. SO are on the table. Castillo, may be as good, as those that
    signed before him. Maybe not ? Tempting ?

    Forget the money, it is not ours. I say, if he is a superior player, and he only costs money
    to obtain him....sign him. Or, let him be an all star for someone else.

    So Rocket....bottom line, you as the GM, what do you do ? No hand wringing. Sorry, can't say that !

    1. Sign him, a very good bat will find a place to play!

    2. Could you imagine the options for Girardi with Castillo who is right handed and can play the infield and outfield? The binder would explode.

    From today's New York Post.
    RE : Rusney being referred to as " The next Ricky Henderson ".

    Yankees ready to bid on Cuban prospect after private workout

    By George A. King III

    August 8, 2014 | 7:3

  13. I think the exact words were his body and such were being compared to Ricky Henderson. Something about the cut of his body. If he's Ricky I'll definitely take him.

    1. Ricky played forever, that is a good comparison I'd say. IF they are going to ask Brett to move to right field with his arm...that ain't good.
      The Yankees say they want him as a 2nd baseman and maybe Out Field if that doesn't work out.
      If his arm is bad, not avg., bad he won't cut it in the Bigs as a 2nd baseman.
      I keep wondering if someone hasn't taken; "The weakest part of his game is his arm" and turned it into "Below arm for an out fielder"?

    2. He can survive at second base with a weaker arm. That's why they don't want him as a shortstop or third baseman.

    3. 2nd baseman can play with a weak arm, until he has to make the pivot on a double play!
      Most of the time one is almost flat footed, turning or moving away from 1st base.
      One need not have a strong arm to play, but it makes for more outs...main thing is, do we know how weak his arm is? Cano and Jeter had very good arms Roberts has an avg., arm.
      Did the Yankees say he had a weak arm? They must think it isn't much of a determent to his game, so it can't be all bad.


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