Sunday, September 28, 2014

Did Capuano Pitch His Way Onto The 2015 Team

Chris Capuano was acquired from the Colorado Rockies this season making the New York Yankees his third stop this season and boy has he made the most of it. Capuano started the season with the Boston Red Sox as a relief pitcher before heading to the Rockies minor league system. The Yankees traded for Capuano out of bare necessity and plugged him into the starting rotation and the team got more than they could have ever expected.

Capuano's final line with the Yankees isn't as impressive as he really was as he finished with a 2-3 record and 4.25 ERA. Capuano started 12 games for the Yankees and finished with a 3.85 FIP, 1.31 WHIP, and 65.2 innings of work. New York went 6-6 in Capuano's starts but that was more the offenses problem than Capuano's inefficiencies.

Capuano allowed no more than four runs in a game in any of his 12 starts and allowed less than four runs in six of those starts including not allowing a run in three of his starts. Capuano went into the 6th inning in all but two of his starts and finished the 6th or went beyond in eight of those starts saving an overworked Yankees bullpen.

Capuano may have pitched his way onto the 2015 Yankees squad whether it be in the bullpen, as a long man, or at worst on a minor league deal. I can't say I was Capuano's biggest fan but I can't say I would be against it either.


  1. I think the BP if at all. We have; Tank, Pineda, Greene, McCarthy, CC! Kicking the door down is A. Warren, Banuelos (still think of him as a BP guy), Venditte (BP), Tyler Webb Lefty Starter...there are more.
    Capuano is an older guy and if he wishes to he can sign with someone. I am hoping we go to a 6 man rotation for many reasons, we all know! Tank, Pineda, Green, Nova, C.C, McMcarthy for a 6 man.

  2. ROCKET REED....don't forget !....James ' Big Game ' Shields. He may be here, also. really think so ? I think he is done, and may not make it out of spring training.
    Your starting six man....should be improved on. Too many question marks. Weak.

    Alex at short stop ? No one can say he can not do it. They don't know.
    Stay strong.....FUBAR.

    1. If CC can't pitch anymore, I think the Yankees have insurance on him as well as a few other players with big contracts.

  3. McCarthy is a free agent, although I believe he will be back and be our 2015 version of Hiroki Kuroda. Warren is not a starter, Banuelos is a starter (way too good right now to be a BP guy), Venditte is a minor league free agent and unlikely to return, and Webb has never been a starter and will likely never be a starter.

    You also have to remember that Nova wont be back until around May or so, which in Yankees terms means June or July. Nova cannot and should not be relied on in his first season back from Tommy John, it never goes well not even for the best of the best. It's always that second year you see the true results of the surgery, see 2016.


Sorry for the Capatcha... Blame the Russians :)