Friday, November 21, 2014

BREAKING: Yankees Making a Run at Max Scherzer and Yes Virginia, There is a Santa Clause

Breaking news out of the Greedy Pinstripes news desk out of New York where the New York Yankees are reportedly going against earlier reports and are considering signing Max Scherzer to a mega free agent contract. Also on the other side of the world there have been confirmed sightings of a real Santa Claus and St. Nick at the North Pole.

The Major League Baseball offseason is nothing more than agents, media outlets, and bloggers pumping team names and player’s names around for views, hits, and ratings. An offseason without the Yankees being “interested” in a top free agent or three means contract sizes are down, less people are clicking on MLB Trade Rumors and watching Hot Stove on MLB Network, and those agents are not making the money they have become accustomed to making in years past.

If the Yankees had five Mike Trout’s and Giancarlo Stanton hit the market you would hear how the Yankees are “interested” and doing their “due diligence” according to “sources” on ESPN and all over your favorite blogs. The Yankees aren’t interested in Scherzer and the Yankees aren’t going to sign Scherzer. Also a fat man in a red suit is not going to buy your Christmas presents this year so you better reconsider your Black Friday plans.


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