Friday, November 21, 2014

Yankees Sign Jonathan Galvez To Minor League Deal

According to the transactions page on the New York Yankees have signed minor league second baseman Jonathan Galvez to a minor league deal. Galvez was most recently in the San Diego Padres organization and posted a .280/.354/.449 slash with 10 home runs and 52 RBI in Triple-A this season. 

Galvez's career minor league line in seven seasons is .280/.366/.427/.793 with 54 home runs, 331 RBI, 144 doubles, 17 triples, and 114 stolen bases (37 as his career high in a season) in 2,309 minor league at bats. Can you say the next Yangervis Solarte?


  1. GALVEZ......where did he come from ?
    Let's look through the mystery glass...shall we ?

    ** From the San Diego Padres minor level players site :

    " JONATHAN GALVEZ....A severe ankle injury limited Galvez in 2012 and neutralized his most significant tool – speed. He still has a shot to be a first-division starter and could give the Padres an option to replace Gyorko if he switches over to third base in the event of a Chase Headley trade. ETA: 2014

    Risk Factor – while his defense has progressed, it still has a long way to go unless Galvez makes strides at the plate. "

    Some of this crap, is baloney.

    If healthy, does he impede Refsnyder ?

    1. That makes sense because when I was looking at his stats his stolen base numbers went way down.

      This is a minor league deal so I am not sure it impedes Ref but it def. adds some depth.

  2. I HAD TO...close my storm windows today.
    The trade / rumor / baloney winds were picking up. That is why,.. this is a fascinating time of year !

  3. GENTLEMEN....a very nice rush of comments today. Sorry I missed it.
    Imagine if that type of posting went 24 ?

    You guys put out the chum slicks, and maybe the bait fish posters will follow. Why not ?

    You go silent for days, ....and those passing through will never even slow down.
    A all of us pulling together.

  4. GUESS WHO I AM.....a baseball quiz.

    a) Who pitches left handed, lands on his right knee ( That has NO cartilage ), and weighs 290 lbs ?
    A hint ...last year 3-4, 5.28 ERA....ans: " It's me, CC Sabathia...Lets play two ! "

    b ) What do you do next year ?..." マリブ ビーチ、ブロンドの女の子... 10 がハング "
    ( Go to Malibu Beach, and chase blondes !...Hang ten )
    ans;..." It's me, chop sticks Kuroda "

    c) " Someone offered me $40 MM for three years. Give me a forth year, and I'm yours "
    ans :...Brandon McCarthy.

    d) So how did that Tommy John go ?...ans :" Hi, it's me Ivon Nova. The Tommy John ?..Great !, I
    just hit 75 on the radar gun ! "

    This is more like ' Shoots & Ladders '.....but, it is only November 22........Only ?

    1. I know you haven't done this Patrick, but it is now below my freezing limit of 50 degrees. So I have shut down the outside work until spring. I'm use to high temperatures not freezing. And that white stuff that comes around this time of year, forget it. The boss will push me out the door to clear the snow, and that is the only way I get outside.
      You on the other hand, jump into a freezing river in the middle of winter...and they call me crazy!
      Have a good year Patrick, it has been fun these last few months hasn't It!

    2. While earlier in the week it was well below freezing it was in the low 60's this weekend here in the South.. just saying.. time to move.


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