Friday, November 21, 2014

Randy Levine Foreboding or Talking Out His Butt?

Randy Levine was interviewed recently by USA Today about the New York Yankees offseason and specifically the Giancarlo Stanton contract. This interview is where the “Thank God” came from when asked if Levine was happy that Alex Rodriguez no longer had the largest contract in Major League Baseball history. While some people cherry picked that sound bite out of the interview and ran with it I actually read and listened to the entire interview and an interesting nugget stood out for me. From the interview Levine goes on to say:
"It's really, really early,'' Levine says. "This time last year we hadn't done anything.''

Over $500 million later…
"I think we're on our usual pace,'' Levine says. "We're doing it in a methodical way.
"We have to have some surprises.''

Jacob Ellsbury comes to mind as the 2014 version of a surprise while Rafael Soriano also comes to mind in 2010. Who is the surprise this season?
"We'll have to wait and see, Levine says. "I think it's a little early for any conclusions.''

Damn you Levine, Damn you.

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