Saturday, December 6, 2014

Brad Miller for Jose Pirela, Pull the Trigger

I was reading through the potential free agent trade targets in the shortstop position when I had an epiphany, why not trade for Seattle's shortstop and second baseman Brad Miller. It's obvious that the Yankees farm system will not produce a major league ready and caliber shortstop any time soon and the free agent market looks about as barren as a middle class worker's refrigerator. Miller is blocked in the infield by Kyle Seager, Robinson Cano and Chris Taylor while the Mariners now need to replace Michael Saunders in their outfield. Enter Jose Pirela. Even after acquiring Didi Gregorius this deal still makes sense.

As much as I would love to have Pirela on the team as a mini Martin Prado playing all over the field this trade makes a lot of sense for the Yankees. Pirela can easily play the outfield and multiple infield positions making him attractive to the Mariners while Miller fills at least one need for the Yankees. Miller, as mentioned before, can play both middle infield positions and has been called a "natural" defensively. It is not out of the realm of possibilities to see Miller get time at first base or at one of the corner outfield positions in a pinch or a blowout. Miller is not an offensive standout to this point in his career but neither has Pirela outside of his first major league at bat and can be adequate at the position offensively. Miller has the defense to hang around with Stephen Drew and the bat to hang around with Jed Lowrie and the best of the rest at the position.

The Mariners and the Yankees have pulled off multiple trades in recent memory and the two GM's seemingly have a good working relationship, which never hurts. I said all that to say this, make the phone call and pull the trigger.

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