Saturday, December 6, 2014

Update on the BYB Hub

From time to time we get one here and remind you guys about and update you on the BYB Hub, we haven't done one in a while so let's get to it. What is the BYB Hub? The Hub was thought of and created by the owner of Bleeding Yankee Blue (BYB) Robert Casey as a way to get everyone views and help with the hardest part of starting out, getting recognition. The Hub won't list sites like RAB, Lohud, Pinstripe Alley etc. because those guys get their views and they have their following and their readership. The Hub was designed to get the second tier and below the recognition they need and the recognition they deserve.

I respected the hell out of Mr. Casey before this and I really respect the hell out of him now for this. Not because we are listed there and it definitely helps us get views but because the Hub will list a blog that's only a month old and that has one post on it. Casey has a following and the readership to be right up there with the "gorilla's" of the Yankees blogosphere but rather than ignore your mentions and tweets on Twitter he wants to help you.

Anyway, I'm rambling now and not updating you on the hub like I said I would. Currently the Hub showcases 16 blogs that I try and read daily including The Greedy Pinstripes. There are plenty of talented writers out there and plenty of opinions to agree with, disagree with or garner ideas from.So check out the BYB Hub by clicking HERE and if you're interested in joining the Hub as an up and coming blogger follow and contact Mr. Casey on twitter HERE. 

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