Saturday, December 6, 2014

Miller on Why He Chose the Yankees: "They Offered Some Things Other Teams Couldn't"

Andrew Miller signed with the Yankees for a simple reason: he just wants to win.

The 29-year-old agreed to a four-year/$36-million deal with the club Friday afternoon, guaranteeing him a spot in its 2015 bullpen. He then said hours later he did so due to his liking of the organization, one he's especially familiar with after spending four seasons with the Red Sox and Orioles. 

"The Yankees offered some things that other teams couldn't," Miller said during an appearance on MLB Tonight. "It's a good fit for my family and I've seen firsthand what the Yankees are all about and what their goals are. I really just felt like it was a great fit for me and a great chance to win."

The Yankees weren't the highest bidder for Miller, so that would have to be why. The Astros offered him four years and $40 million, but they haven't recorded more than 70 victories since 2010. 

Miller also commented on the possibility he'll close for the Yankees next season during the interview, acknowledging the idea has been mentioned. 

"It came up briefly," he said. "Basically I told them, from my standpoint, I just wanted to help them win. And that's my goal. I didn't seek out to be a closer or anything like that. I certainly feel I'm capable of that. But honestly, my biggest goal is to win."

If Miller isn't ultimately chosen to pitch ninth innings, it's a safe bet the role will go to Dellin Betances instead, as the latter was the Yankees' set-up man last year.

As always, though, David Robertson's name could also come up, but that doesn't seem likely at the moment. According to WFAN's Sweeny Murti, inking Miller "probably but not definitely" means the Yankees are out of the sweepstakes for the right-hander, who solidly recorded 39 saves for them in 2014.

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