Sunday, April 26, 2015

Game Preview: New York Yankees vs. New York Mets 4/26

Tonight is the finale of the Subway Series as far as inside Yankee Stadium is concerned when the New York Yankees play host to the New York Mets. We have been entertained with some great pitching matchups this series and tonight's face off will be no different. Tonight on ESPN's Sunday Night Baseball the Yankees will send Nathan Eovaldi to the mound to face off with the Mets LHP Jon Niese. The game will be played at 8:05 pm ET and will be seen on the ESPN Sunday Night Baseball broadcast.

  • Eovaldi comes into the start tonight fresh off his best start of the season for the Yankees against the Detroit Tigers. Eovaldi pitched into the 8th inning and allowed one run against a strong Detroit lineup. Eovaldi picked up his first victory of his Yankees tenure and heads into tonight's start with a 1-3 record and a 4.62 ERA in seven career starts against the Mets. 

  • Niese improved his 2015 season record to 2-0 with a victory over the Atlanta Braves last time out. Niese threw 6.2 innings of one-run ball against the Braves with rookie catcher Kevin Plawecki behind the dish. The Yankees offense will look to end Niese's shot at a perfect season in 2015 tonight in the Bronx.

We won't see these Mets again until September when these two teams travel to Citi Field so enjoy the last remnants of the Subway Series while you can. The Yankees stay home tomorrow to begin hosting the team they swept a couple weeks back in the Tampa Bay Rays while nobody reading this probably cares what the Mets will be doing. So with that said, Go Yankees!



  1. BRAVO..... Louisiana man.
    Daniel, your best post ever ! Such a talent you are !.....Unlike Gretel.

    1. I doubt it's my best post ever but I appreciate the kind words anyway

    2. My sentiment about you Patsy

  2. Let's look at the great Eovaldi's line last night. 4 1/3 innings 7 hits 4runs 4ERA 6 K 1 HR 4.15 era. Not what I would call stellar. Again more than a hit an inning. I hate Schilling with a passion, however if you listened to his comments he said he loved the kids stuff, yet he should be further along. Why is this? The genius Rothschild you all anointed as the savior hasn't done anything for CC or Eovaldi has he? Yes I know I'm wrong because the numbers say i'm wrong and heck they lie all the time don't they?

  3. Eovaldi def. didn't have it last night, no doubt.

  4. HANS-el....why the wet diaper routine all the time ?
    All this negative edge all the time, like your shorts are wet.

    Stop and possible.
    Rothschild can not, and will never fix Sabathia....the guy is what he is, and
    the curtain is coming down on his pitching days.

    Eovaldi....rather crappy performance. Cold night, slippery ball, no curve ball...etc.
    How did Niese do ? Worse.

    We were called mulch heads by a guy who hardly posts here all that often.
    And when he can be painful to read. Plus...that dumb Gravitar of his.
    Now, have someone change that diaper.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. See you guys sit there and attack me which is fine because I have true belief in my comments just as you guys do. You guys are the ones wearing the depends because the minute someone challenges you guys you all pull the trump card and say oh you think you know more, you think you're not right all the time. Well in your mind you guys all think you are right The bottom line is I don't want to hear all you little girls claim I am the only one who believes in what they write. Last time I looked we were in the USA and I have my first amendment rights so if you don't like what I post either move on or comeback at me with a well thought out answer and by the way the ball was slippery and cold stuff doesn't hold water in my mind Betances and Miller looked pretty good with a cold and slippery ball. I use numbers to back a great deal of my arguments, however apparently a few of you don't believe in the numbers.

    3. I don't think I have ever attacked you, FYI. You're more than welcome to voice your opinion here, no one has ever prevented that. You also have to take it when you give it, that's just life you know?

    4. You are absolutely correct Burch. I can dish it out and I can take it, my beef is when insane comments are made that I think I know more than everyone else. Well in my mind my opinions are right, just as all of you who post belief you are right. Lets move on from those idiotic comments. I still think Didi sucks and until I see otherwise I believe I am right.

    5. Yes Patrick I had a spelling mistake in there, sorry it should have been believe not belief.

    6. Didi isn't making you look wrong that's for sure. He couldn't hit (fill in the blank with a clever hitting analogy here).

    7. KEN HANS...Don't read into my poking fun of you, as attacking you.
      I like you, and enjoy all of your boisterous posts. Very funny.
      I may be a third world speller...awful. Spell check saves me all the time.
      I felt bad that you think I'm piling on. I don't do that.
      Stay well.

    8. Didi seems to have done well with the glove today, but not many hits by anyone today.
      Mateo has to be the man for next year. Move Drew back to SS and bring up Refsy for 2nd base...when Didi has shown he is not going to be anything other than a black hole. Don't be in a hurry to pull the plug on Didi yet.

    9. Patty I'm all good with people not agreeing with me, I just think its hypercritical that others feel strongly on their opinion but hey Mulch head Ken thinks he knows everything. Things I believe strongly about are as follows.

      Cashman Sucks
      Hal is a terrible owner
      Didn't like the Prado trade for Eovaldi
      Didn't like the Didi trade
      Don't think Rothschild is the mad scientist other people think
      Yankees will finish 3rd or 4th

    10. Ken, I might agree with you more then the others, and disagree with you more than the others. You boldly state your opinion, and so will I.

      Cashman sucks.
      Hal is a terrible owner.
      Liked Prado for Eovaldi.
      The Didi trade was the best option we had.
      Rothschild is pretty good at what he does.
      Yankees challenge for the division, but end up as a wild card.

    11. Levin I hope you're right about the last one, however I think the wild card is coming out of the Central. I like your first two lol

    12. Didi has been better both in the defensive department and keeping his damn head in the game. The bat may or may not come around unfortunately.

      Cashman does suck although not as bad as many believe. Over a long enough timeline everyone screws up a lot. His biggest issue is his unwillingness to go with a prospect or a young kind until he is made to.

      Hal sucks.

      I liked Prado for Eovaldi only after the Greene and Didi trade. The options were thin at SS and Greene is much more replaceable than a shortstop.

    13. If arms continue to fall you won't feel that way Burch?

    14. Well I can't change that so yes I would feel that way. I only said I liked the trade after Greene was traded, me liking the trade was dependent on the deal getting done either way. I loved Greene and didn't want to see him go as a fan but he was def. replaceable inside the organization. That's fact.

  5. Painting fencing on a Sunday afternoon Wantagh, New York.

    Yesterday, I had the task of applying waterproof sealer to new stockade fence.
    My first choice was to take a nap, but this was a priority.

    The first section applying front, and back correctly, took 1 1/2 hours. I was in for a long day.
    My trusty garage radio, tuned to sports talk, would bring me up to Yankee pregame.

    For the next eight hours I listened to caller after caller give their two cents on
    only two Yankees players....Gregorius & Sabathia.
    Yes, those were the only two players the callers focused on.

    Sure they were callers to a radio show, but for the very most part, they
    knew exactly what they spoke.

    Almost to a man, they said what they see watching Gregorius, is not right.
    Unqualified to be a major league short stop was the overwhelming observation.
    No one called him dumb, or names of that ilk. Just that he can not cut it.
    And may never will, while in New york.
    I could not disagree with any of their points. I think they are right.

    C.C. Sabathia, they roughed him up, gently.
    They knew how good he was, and how nice a person he is. Nice things were said.
    Then came the BUT.....Even now healthy he is the albatross. He is now 0-4, with
    an ERA above five...again. We have lived this season before !

    With no monies owed, he would be history. Common sense was ruling the day.
    Wasn't he the worst starting pitcher, last year, in MLB ? Second worst ?
    How bad is that ?

    In the end, no one said to tar, and feather them. Or, don't run them out of town on a rail, either.
    But they must go. Along with dozens of scenarios of whom shall replace them.

    An interesting, but tiring 8 hours was finally done.
    A neighbor, Mike Kennedy, whom I hardly know...came over to help me put the
    finished fencing in a safe place. That was nice. Six years of waiving hello paid off.
    After that came my Coors Lights, followed by the 6-4 Yankee win.
    An end to a very good, and productive day.
    Thought I would share it with you guys. Stay well.

    1. Thanks for sharing? Stay well your self my friend.

  6. I don't know about anyone else but, I am always right when I say it is a fact.
    I am not always right when I give my opinion, no one is always right with opinions, it would be an oxymoron, it is all in the way one looks at things!
    Some will look at the NOW and others think of the future (not a few weeks/months)! I try looking ahead not for today, although things change very quickly and one has to "Adapt & Improvise"! Things do change as they have today, with "Tank" having a problem with his wrist. On the bright side, we do have two pitchers almost ready to come to the rescue.
    Opinions are like life and just as fragile.

  7. I did some scouting a few years ago and reported the results on the "unmentionable site" Patrick and I were on before this one let us both comment on....thank you, Daniel!
    Those in my report have had some success; Brett, Cisco, Joba, Phil H, IPK, Melky and one of the last ones was Cano. Cano was much different in as much as I Loved his sweet swing and ability to make things look so easy. But I didn't like his work ethics and thought he would revert to the right field wall sickness.
    I have seen Mateo play and nothing about him reads failure in any category. He will be a keeper for many years...unless he is injured!

    As a kid growing up in my little corner of this great country, I had to learn every weakness I could in everybody and every situation. As time went by I became very good at it. It helped me in sports and later in my full-time job in the Army Rangers.

    I admit, I have not had the opportunity these last few years to go on my tour of many minor league teams, due to the fact I died twice, so they told me anyhow! This year I think it will happen...if my pilot doesn't go to the happy party zone, like the last one did.

    1. Mateo seems like he is going to be something special, he burst on to the scene and has had no chill since. I really think Didi is just keeping the seat warm, like Jeff Levin said, for Mateo if all works out the way it should.


    No, it is not so. But Tanaka does have a problem...for now its nature is unknown.

    But what if radios across the country, blare out tomorrow, that Tanaka is
    going to see Dr. Andrews....What would the Yankees do ? He is our number one.
    The stopper is gone ! We have no one else at that level, except possibly Pinada.

    Re-group. Sabathia ? Good lord. He has been showing signs of circling the drain,
    for three years now. Fat / thin...he is starting to stink it up big time.

    Maybe we will have only 3 of the 5 starters, as the team again moves forward into the season.
    Where do they go ? Nova ?....who knows about him.
    I can ramble on, but why. The fact is potential danger is lurking. Real danger.
    Do they trade for a proven arm, Hamels ?....a lot of money (again ).
    Call ups ? Outside of Luis Severino...who ?

    This to me is reality. I'm not a negative type, not my nature.
    But I would tell the captain of the Titanic...Sir, are there icebergs in these waters ?


Sorry for the Capatcha... Blame the Russians :)