Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Ty Hensley. My Role Model. My Inspiration

Many of my friends have always wondered why I laugh in the face of Karma. Karma is not a real thing it’s just something they tell you to try and keep you in check, to keep you in line and to make you at least think about being a good person. If karma were a real thing how do the biggest liars, cheats and crooks go on to live these seemingly luxurious and simple lives? Why does it always seem like the best people in the world and the people who do everything right because that’s the way they were brought up, people like Ty Hensley, continue to get crapped on day after day?

This post is going to be half rant and half raising up for Mr. Hensley because this young man, his mother and his entire family are truly incredible. They are role models and they are my inspiration for how you should be, not because karma dictates it. Ty has been dealt a crap hand since being drafted in the first round by the New York Yankees and has done nothing but keep his head down, keep on working and keep that smile on his face. From the abnormality in his shoulder, to the hip injuries and surgeries, to being attacked brutally to now his Tommy John surgery Ty has never held a pity party or even questioned why, he’s taken what he has been dealt and has actually been thankful for it.

I got actual goosebumps reading his statement on Facebook when he said that he was grateful that he had the Tommy John surgery and not somebody else because he knew he could handle it and that he could and would come back for it. That’s like the ultimate selfless attitude and after interviewing him for the blog and checking in from time to time with him on Twitter and such you know it’s not just because a camera is watching. Ty is genuine and you can tell he gets a lot from his awesome mother Marci. They are such kind souls and don’t ask for anything and in turn get a ton of prayers and support from everyone, Yankees fans or not.

So I leave you with this. If you’re looking for a true inspiration or a role model in sports for your children to follow, Ty Hensley is your man. He is so Derek Jeter except for he’s better in one area, he’s accessible by the fans. He’s never not once answered or at least acknowledged a tweet, a message, whatever and has always shown nothing but respect and a humble nature through it all. Ty, I look up to you and I adore you as a person and as a member of the New York Yankees family. If I can be half the person you are and bring my children up half as well as your mother did with you then I think I’m going to be pretty blessed in the world. Once again my thoughts, my prayers, warm wishes and my sincere gratitude goes out to you. You are truly a warrior, you are truly a role model and you are truly my inspiration for life. Keep on fighting Ty and we’ll see you in the Bronx before you know it! 


Daniel Burch


  1. DANIEL...just read your Ty Hensley piece.
    Very warm, touching, and sensitive. Very will done.

    I'd really be surprised if Hans-el could write like that. Imagine ?

    1. Hansel writes the way he chooses to write. Angry! Interested in buying my tickets for Friday Night Mulch Head?

  2. Really ? Hans-il & Gretil writes angry ? No, I do not buy tickets. I only watch baseball
    on TV in my kitchen.
    Rumor on the streets has it, that Eovaldi will be named captain.


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