Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Nick's Pick's 2015: Blue Jays VS Yankees

Well here we are with our newest version of Nick's Picks and I am so excited to see what this year brings. While this will be my shortest Nick's Picks of the season, it will not be any different than all the others. I apologize that I missed opening day, but then again the Yankees missed opening day as well. I am hoping that that first game was a fluke for the Blue Jays. Honestly, nerves and expectation got the best of them in the first game. Watch as things differ in game 2 of the 2015 season. This is such a big year in terms of being without Derek Jeter, having injuries lingering over everyone's heads, and needing to make it to October which has not been the case. Mark it on your calendars this year. We will be there in October, and we will make some people change their minds on this year's club. So, now time for picks. I am so excited for this game because Michael Pineda is an exciting pitcher. What a perfect segway into the picks for this game.

Top Pitching performance: Michael Pineda hands down will be the reason the Yankees win this game. After a rough performance by Tanaka, Pineda will mow down the Jays and my prediction is striking out 7 over six strong innings and gets the win. I think that Pineda is going to look dominant and no, pine tar will not be involved in this game. This will be a huge boost for a team in need of some pitching hope.

Hitter of the Game: I do not like the fact we will have a knuckleballer throwing against this lineup in game 2, so it will be tough to find someone to be the breakthrough hitter of the game. I am going with Carlos Beltran. Watch him go 2-4 in the game with a big homerun that opens up the game for the Yankees. I think Beltran makes a statement for this victory.

Clutch Performer: In this game the clutch performer will be Stephen Drew. Drew is going to do much more with the glove than anything, but he will manage to get on base when the Yankees need him to and probably be the one on when someone touches them all. Drew is going to be huge for the win tonight.

So, I feel pretty good for my first predictions of the year and I cannot wait to be making more picks. The Yankees need a lot to go right for this years team, and this game is going to be the most important. That first victory always is the biggest. I predict the Yankees win the game 5-1. Let's go Yankees, ready for a big win and a big season.

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