Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Chris Capuano is better than Adam Warren

As much as I hate to admit this and as much as I hate to write this I cannot deny the truth that this point in their careers Chris Capuano may be better than Adam Warren. When I say that I speak strictly from a starting pitching in 2015 standpoint as Warren is the far superior pitcher in the bullpen and will likely be the far superior pitcher going forward in their careers. Warren has pitched pretty well in his first season in the major leagues as a starter, remember he was a starter in the minor leagues before being shifted to the bullpen, but at this point I think everyone would agree, especially the bullpen, that Capuano would be the better option when he returns from the disabled list.

Again, Warren has pitched well in more than a few of his starts but the length of his starts is killing the Yankees bullpen right now. Warren has not gone above 5.2 innings in any start this season leaving many outs for the bullpen to get every fifth day. Now truth be told as a fifth starter that is all you can really ask for at this point but when three other starters are doing the same it gets to be taxing at times. Warren has pitched well this season even when he has given up a ton of runs, the start against the Detroit Tigers game can be used as a perfect example. It was extremely cold on that night and Warren got hit hard early but was able to settle down, limit the damage and he got better as the game went on and the night got colder. Warren has a veteran’s mindset but his arm, again starting pitching wise, has not caught up to that yet. Warren being stretched out would be a saving grace for the bullpen when Capuano gets off the disabled list as soon as this week.

Capuano is no Cy Young or Michael Pineda so if that’s what you are expecting me to say in this article I have news for you, you will be sadly mistaken. I have been harder on Capuano than probably any Yankees blogger, beat writer or fan has been over this winter and half of last season. I don’t know what it is about him but I don’t like the guy, I don’t like the way the guy pitches and I think there are far superior players in the minor leagues and on the team right now in the minor leagues. With that said though when Capuano pitched for the Yankees last season he kept the team in every single start, gave the Yankees length in almost every single start and did not let the big stage in the Bronx get to him. If the runs allowed stat is going to be comparable between the two you have to go with the one that’s going to give you more length in a start, and that is Capuano.

The great part about this season thus far is that the offense can come from behind and win any game and if the pitching is on can get ahead early and hold onto any game with the bullpen. The only way this recipe works is if the bullpen is healthy and fresh and with Warren in the pen and Capuano giving you more than five innings in the rotation the team would be much better off in the long run. Well until Luis Severino is ready anyway, let me dream. 

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