Friday, May 22, 2015

Didi admits he "doesn't feel it" at the plate

After limping through the first quarter of the season, Didi Gregorius is ready to admit it.

He's lost at the plate.

"I don't feel it, but who knows?" Gregorius, asked if he thinks he's getting closer to finding his swing, told The New York Post. "You never know. Maybe I start hitting all of a sudden. I just keep working hard in the cage. That's how it all starts."

The 25-year-old Yankees shortstop has hit just .214 with no home runs and 7 RBI in 112 at-bats this season, good for a .526 OPS and a 0.0 WAR. He has just four extra-base hits in 35 games, each of them doubles.

Gregorius says his slow start has been frustrating, but denies that his role as Derek Jeter's successor has contributed to it.

"Not at all," Gregorius said. "I've been comfortable here since spring training, so I'm not worrying about that. Everyone here has given me a lot of support."

Still, Gregorius doesn't know what's wrong.

He says he's been putting in extra work lately in an attempt to turn the year around, but only went 4-for-23 on the Yankees' road trip. Two of those knocks came on Wednesday, however, so maybe a surge is nearing.

Gregorius certainly hopes so.

"I didn't come here to fail," he said. "You always want to succeed."

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  1. I believe him that he feels comfortable there, however I'm not surprised by his lack of hitting nor should anyone else because his numbers in the past show he is a unproductive hitter. Numbers don't lie


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