Friday, May 22, 2015

Weekly Check In: Robert Refsnyder

Stephen Drew Sucks. That is all. Well no, that’s not all but realistically I could end the post right there and feed the stats to you and walk away dropping the mic but that’s not my style. Drew has been horrible this season and no longer has the “I didn’t have a spring training” excuse to hide behind. He is the player he was last season with or without the spring training. The sample size is abundant enough to see that he is a complete waste of $5 million bucks and the sample size in both cases is enough to show that the Yankees are doing Refsnyder a disservice by keeping him down in the minor leagues with stats like these:


The reigning Offensive Player of the Week for the minor leagues, Mr. Refsnyder ladies and gentleman. Here’s those defense stats for you as well. Anything look familiar? It’s probably that error total that hasn’t really changed in a couple of these posts…. 



  1. I think we need to start talking about another prospect Daniel. Has anybody been paying attention to what 21 year old Miguel Sulbaran has been doing at AA/AAA?

    1. I might be able to fit him in somewhere. I have been watching him, albeit not as much as the seven I chose. Maybe replace him for Jorge Mateo since he isn't close or threatening Billy Hamilton anymore?

    2. Or Tyler Austin since he is flirting with the Mendoza Line?


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