Saturday, May 30, 2015

I'm Beginning to Worry about Jacoby Ellsbury

On May 19th the New York Yankees lost Jacoby Ellsbury to a knee injury that he suffered while swinging the bat, while that was right at 11 days ago now it feels like it's been much longer. Almost 11 days later now I haven't even seen a definitive diagnosis let alone a timetable for his return to the Yankees lineup and outfield. Anyone else starting to worry about Ellsbury, his knee and how long he may be out with this injury? I know I am...

The Yankees have a habit of downplaying these types of injuries so excuse me if Joe Girardi's "hopes" that the team will have him back within a month doesn't instill the faith in me. Ellsbury is a speedy type defender and a base stealer meaning that any potential leg injury could really affect his season and the way he plays the game. With the team not coming out and saying this is strained or this is torn or this needs surgery I am beginning to worry that the team is using the recent hot streak as a way to mask and avoid the questions regarding the injury. 

While I'm all for giving the Yankees prospects a chance in situations like this, and I am glad to see Slade Heathcott getting his cup of coffee as much as I would be if Ramon Flores, Mason Williams or Ben Gamel were getting their chances, I still want Ellsbury hitting at the top of my order if I am filling out the lineup card. Tell me something, I'm beginning to worry.


  1. Anytime a speed guy has a leg injury of any kind it is worrisome, that is their value to the team. Even if/when he comes back, there is the possibility he will not be 100%. Bad, news is no news!

    1. Well he is doing pool work so there's that at least

    2. That give me soon hope for him coming back as well as he was.

    3. No baseball activities though so if I were to guess I'd say he is at minimum two weeks away.

  2. R-E-A-L-I-T-Y C-H-E-C-K !....
    This 2015 squad, is after today's lose..........25-25. And in some sort of faux first place.
    Let's tighten up, and focus in on the big picture.

    In the AL West...they are 7 out.
    In the NL Central...they are 7 out.
    In the NL West...they are 7 out.

    But, they still sit in first place in the AL East. What a bunch of losers.
    A nothing team, in a inept division. But, they are worth $3 Billion. You figure.

    1. You hit the nail on the head Patrick. It is time for a reality check. This team is awful. How do we sweep the Royals and then lose 3 of 4 to the A's? We can't get consistent pitching. Our offense is sporadic at best. And our bullpen consists of 3 pitchers. The worst part of it all is that Cashman is doing nothing to fix it. It's time to blow this roster up.

    2. I actually have a post scheduled for tomorrow but I'll spoil a little bit of it here. This team, record wise, is worse through the month of May then it was in both 2013 and 2014. The run differential is better than the 2014 version but worse then the 2013 Yankees. The team should not be blown up IMO because they have a chance to reach the playoffs while taking advantage of a weak division.

      Who can you blow up? Let's be realistic the Yankees aren't going to just eat contracts like Beltran, A Rod, Sabathia, etc. They can, they won't and that's the biggest difference. Who is going to want to trade for these contracts? Again, no one. This is the team we're going to see until we wait out the expiring 2016 and 2017 contracts.

    3. Patsy this is the way the coupon clipper Hal likes it, he's on the cheap and he can tell you that they are in first place. Ya we will spend money by adding some contracts at the trade deadline that are rentals to keep things interesting so we will continue to go out and see games and spend money so Hal and the rest of his family can be happy.

      I'm a little surprised this team is at 500 but the last 18 games have shown me that i'm not that far off on where we will finish. I still feel third or fourth as the Sux will make moves to get better and I think the O's will as well. I knew this division was bad, however I didn't think it was this pathetic.

  3. DON'T EAT THE FISH !!!......
    Why talk baseball, when the real world around us is so interesting.
    Officials in Trenton, New Jersey today, issued a warning to it's intelligent citizens...
    ..." Don't eat the fish you are finding in the streets. They came out of the sewers
    during the recent heavy rains."
    I imagine the warning is too late, and that the Third World people that live in Newark
    have been feasting, and downing many a Carona. Viva Mexico !...Watch out for bones.
    Perhaps I'll drive Anne Marie over to Newark, for a candlelight diner on the sidewalk.

    I did not make that up. That is why it is so sad.
    As for the Yankees...they stink as bad as what the sewers are offering these days.

  4. STEPHEN DREW...Infielder...MLB.
    Want him ? He's yours......Great follow-up to the Newark fish story.
    I am so sick of the excuses for this guy. Drew, and his struggles. Drew, and spring training.
    Enough ! I've never seen so much explaining for ineptness. Please go away.

    Back to Newark, New Jersey....I've had hard times with Jersey boys, in my past. Ken, also.
    I bet half those stinkin' fish were taken by those on the 'Yankees Fans Unite' site masthead.
    They should choke, but they are used to eating off of that menu. Bon appetit.

    The Yankee Fans Unite Site...the new cutting edge in sports blogging...Chip in here.
    Show us what you got. Or, think you have. You watch us, but you have no balls.
    What a sorry lot of crap you people are.

    I do this every so often to blow off stream. I throw out a chum slick, just to bring
    those morons to the surface, to show you how bad fools can really act.
    Bottom feeders will never rise to the top.

  5. Patsy if you heard the Michael Kay interview with Brian Cashman today you might have fallen off your chair. He did say that he is disappointed in the second base situation. He said Refsnyder is not on the horizon and he defended Didi while both Micahel Kay and Ryan Rucco both said yesterday that he isn't what he was billed too be. They both ripped Didi yesterday and even Cashman said that all this talk of following Jeter is nonsense. Face it we are weak at 2nd and SS and will be for quite some time

    1. HANSEL & GRETEL.....Storybook characters.

      I know you do no like Brian Cashman....the Elf. I do. But, hear me out.
      Brian always holds his cards close to his vest, when moves are forth coming.
      The fans are clamoring for Refsnyder. He is almost, if not completely ready.
      Cashman knows this also, but needs to move Drew, and his salary.

      No disrespect fairy tale man, but when did Ryan Rucco know more than you, or I ?
      Gregorius may be harder to dislodge, but if he is to be dispatched, it will happen.

      At many times this season...with Gregorius, Young, and Drew at the end of the line up,
      I feel it gives the other team an advantage. No fire power. No ju-ju.
      It screams for fixing !

    2. I hear you Mulch, my point with Rucco and Kay is they are around the Yankees daily as they do the games or the pre and post for Rucco. In my heart I know that deal to get Didi was a dumb deal by the elf. Even your boy Evo is starting to show his true colors. 100 pitches in 4 plus innings. The elf needs to get stuck on the side of the building next year and get frost bite of his fingers so he can't dial the phone and make stupid deals.

    3. Evo is leading the AL in hits allowed too... He is still young and I'm not ready to give up yet but Larry might not be the wizard I thought he was.

      See I can admit when I think in wrong

    4. He wasn't billed as he is, Kay and Rucco were correct. We were led to believe he was a defensive wizard with no bat and he is a defensive liability with no bat. Not to say that's how he will be his entire career or even this entire season but that's how he is as we stand today.

    5. Patty he may have hit 98 on the fastball but its a straight fastball and major league hitters will hit that as is the point that Burch stated of still leading the pitchers in hits given up. It doesn't matter what league he pitches in. Larry is a decent pitching coach and not or never has been a wizard Burch. Didi is a sub player at best and has already hit is error allotment of last year early into this season. He will hover around 200-220 and Cashman the elf will call him a great pickup. Even the elf has said on radio that you can't use the excuse of following Jeter so as others on here use that excuse of getting acclimated the Elf aka womanizer Cashman says its not an excuse.

    6. Evo needs a putaway pitch, everyone knows it. He doesn't throw 100 pitches in 4 IP if he has that plus pitch. Rothschild only had a few months to work with him in the offseason and there is only so much you can do during the season. Do I expect him to be an ace? Probably not, but he can be MUCH better.

      If he has that secondary pitch, his slider has come a long way since his Miami days go to YouTube and watch his starts, but it's not quite there yet. If he has that pitch to keep batter's off balance he doesn't fall behind because he's scared to throw that fastball early in counts. All those 0-2 counts don't turn into walks with a secondary pitch either.

      Eovaldi was acquired as a work in progress and that's exactly what he is. For a fourth starter I'm not seeing a problem here. He isn't as good as I thought he would be but I tend to build up the younger guys a little too much, and I admit that.

    7. Burch he is a five to a long relief in my eyes. I'll take Warren over him everyday of the week and twice on Sunday. Eovaldi is nothing more then 5 at best IMO. I would still rather have Prado over Eovaldi. Just because you have a power arm doesn't mean it translates into Nolan Ryan. Just checkout the power arm of Kyle Farnsworth and let me know how that worked out?

    8. Warren has possibly been our second best pitcher but he is going to hit an innings wall eventually, don't you think? He hasn't been a starter in years and hit the innings wall in the bullpen last season.

    9. Burch who has been better? Pineda and Warren as Tanaka is an incomplete and CC sux and I'm not even going with Eovaldi. The 99 MPH straight ball pitcher

    10. Pineda has been the best, Warren second best. Tanaka I've left off because he hasn't been on the mound but he has pitched well in his last two or three starts before the DL stint.

    11. CONNECTING DOTS.....
      David Carpenter...will get 'traded' back to Atlanta. For a right handed reliever, of
      some sort.

      Nathan Eovaldi, The Great Eovaldi, who throws 97-99 mph, but is disrespected
      by some at this site....will put a wrinkle on that fast ball soon, and become a legend
      in this town.

      Chris, a seasonal worker at my nursery, is an avid fisherman.
      He fishes for striped bass, miles off our beaches. He does poorly.
      Today, I told him, that our local priest will offer up prayers to help
      him tie into one of those 40 plus pounders. I'll even put money into
      the poor box, and for donations for holy water.

      My fee...stripper steaks. Chris was over whelmed, and thanked me.
      He now had Jesus on his side......bait those hooks !

      Like Eovaldi, Chris will do it. Because he can.
      Strippers cooked over charcoal, while dispatching many a Coors Light, outstanding.
      I may even be tempted to invite Hansel & Gretel......Maybe.

    12. Patsy I am going to the game tomorrow night and of course I have to be cursed because the Straight Eovaldi is pitching. He is first in something in the AL, first in hits given up, leopards don't change their spots so being first in the NL to the AL is a feat in itself.

    13. RED MULCH seem like the kind of guy that prefers meat loaf,
      over coal cooked strippers. Maybe a bottle of Yoohoo to go along with your loaf.

      Enjoy your game, as the Great One dances before you.
      Lights out on Long Island. Take care.

    14. Can't wait until Hans gets home and talks about Eovaldi's 6th inning and ignores his first 5 Ip.

    15. All I need to say is two things Burch, last two starts can't get out of 5th inning leading to over use of pen and second threw 90 pitches when he left in 5th. Not what I would call stellar, however you guys are blinded by something on this guy and I just don't see it except a straight fastball, no closeout pitch and still is the league leader in hits given up in the AL now but he's great in all your eyes. I have to laugh

    16. I never said he was stellar last night, I was pretty disappointed in him as well. Nothing you said though changes the fact that he's a fourth starter.

    17. I think he is really a 5 but CC makes him a 4

  6. HANSEL HANS....Forget Rucco, the scripted reader. He knows less than you.
    That was meant as a compliment.
    100 pitches in four innings ? Most where 98 mph ?...So it was a wash.

    I'm signing days start early. Take care.

    1. I know your point and I agree, my point is that both he and Kay are around the team all the time and if Rucco can figure it out I'm not sure why others on here can't!

  7. HAN-SOAP & CONFUSED...That is you Gretel.

    How anyone can confuse The Great Eovaldi, with Kyle Farnsworth, is beyond me.
    Just by looking at Farnsworth, you knew he should not be on your team.
    Yes, he threw 95-97 mph...but an uneducated pitcher. He even looked nuts.

    Eovaldi, The Great Eovaldi, being mentored, and coached, by Larry Rothschild... second on this team with wins...4. CC has how many ? Warren ?
    Yes, he throws many what ?

    The more he throws, the better he gets. As per Rothschild.

    Whitey Ford, the Chairman of the Board, recently said during a south Miami interview, that he could only wish, that he had Nathan Eovaldi' talent / stuff.

    Nice win today. The team is hard to figure out. Frustrates me.
    This time last year...47 HR..... As of today's win...69,or 70. ( not sure, but dead on )

  8. You crack me up Cedar Mulch. My comparison was with the speed and the straightness both pitchers are equipped with which leads me to you being possessed. Does the number 1 pitcher in hits given up have pictures of you with farm animals? What is your fascination with this Carol Pavano look a like, not only in his face but his motion? Larry isn't helping him so much and contrary to your belief throwing numerous pitches is not beneficial as the hitters get to see him more and more.

  9. Speaking of Eovaldi did anyone see his addition of the forkball in the game? Eovaldi always needed a third pitch and that forkball looked nasty tonight. He didn't quite have 100% control of it, you could see that on the passed ball to Pujols, but when it was on it was a weapon for him.

  10. THE GREAT now 5-1 !
    And he is now armed with the deadly fork ball. No need to stick a fork into The Great One,
    he's not done yet.....only getting better.
    I rather think, that Hansel & Gretel, hid under his seat last night....5-1 ! Awesome !

  11. The Straight Eovaldi is not good at all. I watched the straight fastballs reach 98 and yet he couldn't again get out of the 5th inning. He left the 5th with 90 pitches thrown. His act is getting old fast and yes he throws hard, but its straight and wild. Last two starts terrible, but given a gift yesterday with 8 runs and we still almost lost. I watched him extremely close from my seats and the league leader in hits given up didn't and hasn't impressed me yet. We have to go to the pen too early with him on the mound. The fragrance of the mulch is clouding your decision making process on the straight Eovaldi

    1. Not that it matters much but he started the 6th before falling apart. Wasn't his fault that the team almost lost that game. Yankees allowed one run until the ninth when Rogers and Betances shit the bed.

    2. Didi produced another error last night which I failed to point out

    3. Burch you are correct about the inning, however it was 5 1/3 innings and he has taxed the BP recently the Straight Eovaldi

  12. DON'T LOOK NOW !.....but, Adam Warren has taken that next step.
    I watched Warren pitch the other night, and saw confidence / maturity, and a pitcher that
    knows he can do the job.
    Warren always had talent, but could often get rattled. No longer.
    Excuse the term, but he looked solid. While being strong, and aggressive.
    This is so good for the team. Eovaldi is next to turn the corner.
    Eovaldi is on his way to being an all-star.Just a matter of time.

    1. Warren has even impressed me as a starting pitcher and I love homegrown talent.

    2. He impressed me a long time ago. He finally got the killer instinct. Giving up an HR isn't bad if nobody is on base. Also, he is going deeper into the games, now it is around the 7th he should be watched very closely. A very good pitcher named Whitey gave up many HRs in his time but very few were with men on base.


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