Monday, August 24, 2015

Game Thread: New York Yankees vs. Houston Astros 8/24

The New York Yankees and the Houston Astros are ready to get their three game series going tonight in the Bronx with three great pitching match-ups. Tonight the Yankees will send Nathan Eovaldi to the mound searching for his 14th victory of the season while the Astros will counter with Scott Feldman. The game will be played at 7:05 pm ET and can be seen on WPIX Channel 11, MLB Network and MLB TV.

The Yankees have two more games with these Astros before heading back out on the road so you have two more opportunities to click the Yankees Tickets link at the top of the blog and two more opportunities to see the team live inside Yankee Stadium. If you can't make it to the Bronx or you have to root from afar like I do simply jump on Twitter and give @GreedyStripes a follow to root for the Yankees during each and every Yankees game this season.

Eovaldi is ready to keep Eovolving and win that 14th game this season and I'm ready to watch it all go down. Go Yankees!


  1. Words are misread, because some read too fast.
    Yeah, slow down....guys. Digest first,

    Re : Cespedes. ( He should be a Yankee )
    Name the two players the Mets gave up to get him, at the trading deadline ? Difficult ?....yes.
    Names some where in the middle of their farm system.

    He was there for the Yankees to grab.

    All I said was...that Cespedes should play LF.
    And Gardner ? The Giants are still looking for a OF. Maybe a fit ?

    I never mentioned that Gardner should be traded for Cespedes...As a 2 month rental.

    Cespedes should be in the Yankee outfield as we speak.
    And the 32 year old fan favorite, Gardner, could have been flipped. Easily.

    1. I knew you didn't mean trade Gardner for Cespedes straight up, it's still essentially trading one for the other though as you trade for one and ship out the other.

      FYI I'm pretty sure Michael Fulmer was the Mets best pitching prospect and is the Tigers #1 prospect ahead of Daniel Norris, the Blue Jays former #1

  2. Daniel...I stand corrected. Thank you.
    Revolver Eovaldi...where would this team be without him ?....Smoke on the water !

    1. More like smoke in the water... or at the bottom of the division.

      Run support or not he has pitched well enough to win a ton of games for this team, some he deserved the W on and didn't get and vice versa.

  3. Little p, you've been the biggest Eovaldi supporter here. Go climb a mountain top and scream I told you so at the top of your lungs. Just do me a favor and leave your screaming for Eovaldi. I agree that Cespedes would be a luxury on this team, but not at the expense of Gardner! He's as good as Ellsbury for half the money. And he's our only homegrown position player worth a shit right now.

    1. little p has definitely beaten the drum the hardest for Eovaldi, nice to get some fruit off that tree. Hey p, start clamoring for Refsnyder for me.

  4. Need I remind you all of the one hit wonders that have provided a winning record while pitching for the Yankees and then crapped the bed the next year. I can not dispute he has pitched better his last few starts, however I'm still not drinking the kool aide that Little P and Burch soda is drinking. Lets see where he finishes up this year and next. Levin I agree with Little P that Cespedes should be patrolling left field for the Yanks, but we all no the financial restrictions we have as a 3 billion dollar organization as well as our GM's inability to make a deal that isn't classified as a dumpster dive move.

    Like some old geiser in Yellowstone, Hans is belching hot air again.

    Hans should be at some 'Early Bird' special joint, in Florida, stuffing packs of sugar, and
    day old rolls into his pockets. Better yet, take Jeff Levin with you. He can distract the waiter,
    as you clean out the chicken wing bowl.

    Twenty years from now,what a pair you two would make.
    Levin :..." Eovaldi can't pitch. He's too old. I told you so, Hans".
    Hans :..." Imagine the idiots...they want to retire his number now ! I hear the kool aide
    is pretty good in this joint."

  6. Again Little P you preach about the greatness of the water pistol. Levin and I both have posted we don't agree with your assessment and Levin looks like he jumped on your bandwagon. Well I'm not jumping on it and I still say the same thing I have said. He isn't what his record says he is. Remember my friend we are in America and all of us can say what we please so I would ask you to please stop already about the Water Pistol. How about that Little P????

  7. Hans, don't put too much stock in the players Patrick asks for. I remember him screaming for Balfour when he signed with the Rays because he had "swagger." Now Balfour can't even get a job at the restaurant that we're supposedly stealing sugar packets from. I'm not jumping on anybody's bandwagon. I'm just giving Patrick a chance to celebrate because he's so rarely right.

    1. did the knife feel going in ?

      That's why you drink Budweiser. An awful liquid. Your drink of choice ?...Jesus.

      Remember the Delaware State lock-up ? I wrote nice things about you !
      Now you reach back to Grant Balfour. Have you ever seen his wife ?
      His wife could sit behind home plate, and the score would not matter.

      Sugar packets ? Joking, right ?
      How did you get the name 'bread sticks' Levin ? The name you go by in Naples, Fla.
      Hans is confused, and he has now brought you down to his level. Very sad.

    2. A lot of talk coming from a Coors Light/bottled water drinker. Drinking Coors Light is like maturbation without the payoff. I gave Eovaldi his just due. Now you're raining on my parade. I'm looking forward to being your age and stealing sugar packets. Are you going to give me any advice on how to do it without getting caught?

    3. Patty Boy I have said it in the past and I will say it again that you are living in a delusional world called Pattyville. Where do you come up with this shit?

  8. The most important question here is would you be offended if the nickname breadsticks Levin stuck...

    1. Patrick is way too nice to be offended by what he says. It's all in good fun, I hope.

  9. Patrick is not always right, but he is willing to change his mind if and when needed. Besides, he is writing things with a bit of fun showing through.
    Be sure about that Hans! You have not seen the dark side! Have fun guys!

    1. little p is definitely just throwing some humor out there, no reason for anyone to take themselves too seriously here.

    2. It's all good Burch Beer. Just make sure you get your ticket to visit Pattyville. It's where dreams sometimes become real.

  10. PATTYVILLE ?...I live in Wantagh, on Long Island, where when the sun goes perform at the highest levels.
    Bread Sticks Levin, and Quick Hands Hans...great names. They can handle it.

    I hope none of you are waiting for Judge to be the savior. So, not ready.

    Wanted to throw the towel in today, and complain / bitch about my team circling the drain...
    then I remembered that the Seattle Reject, name does not matter, is close to returning.
    Sad, that is is what we have ready to fill the ranks....the Seattle Reject.

  11. Love it Patty of Pattyville. I never bitch about any name you give me so we are good on that. I just like to know where you come up with some of this crap? I agree with you about Judge and I'm not sure Bird is ready as he is supposed to be a disciplined hitter, yet he is chasing high pitches


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