Thursday, September 4, 2014

Yankees Intend To Offer Cashman a Contract for 2015

The New York Yankees have announced that the team plans to offer general manager Brian Cashman a new contract after the season is up. This just cements the fact that Hal Steinbrenner does not watch the games and has no clue what is going on day to day with the team.

Now before I get ahead of myself a lot can be read into that statement. The Yankees offered Joe Torre a contract before the 2008 season but it was widely thought of as a slap in the face to Torre. Also Cashman could decide to move on to another team where he doesn't have management making the bulk of his decisions for him.

Either way I wouldn't exactly be happy if Brian Cashman is brought back for the 2015 season and beyond.


  1. Crusader Burch..." Let me buy you a drink, darlin'...."

    Daniel, I know of your dislike of Brian C......Who would be your choice as of a replacement ?
    My choice, and it is pure fantasy for so many reasons is...Gene Michael. Age is creeping in,
    but he is smarter than all of them.

    " Why yes, Daniel, you may buy me another three drinks. And, three more after that."....
    "You Ellijay boys, are such players ! "....."gotta go, call me a cab Fred ?...Oh, Daniel...sorry."

  2. Gene Michael. Billy Eppler. Oscar the Grouch from Sesame Street. Just not Brian Cashman.

    And I think you have had a few drinks before you bought me one judging by the quotes lol.

    1. Daniel, give him a break will yha, he is an Irishman, he always has a drink or 6!
      Billy Eppler, because Cashman will not be back...he is a moven on people!


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